Dr. Ira Turkat has published over 100 scholarly articles, book chapters and books. His contributions have been translated into various foreign languages including, German, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish and others.

Some representative publications of Ira Turkat include:

Family Law

Turkat, I.D. (2002)  Parental Alienation Syndrome: A review of critical issues.  Journal of the American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers, 18, 131-176.

Turkat, I.D. (2005)  False allegations of parental alienation.  American Journal of Family Law, 19, 15-19.

Turkat, I.D. (2016) Harmful effects of child-custody evaluations on children. Court Review: The Journal of the American Judges Association, 52, 152-158.

Turkat, I.D. (2021) Why judges should not permit child custody evaluations.  American Journal of Family Law, 34, 115-118.


Case Formulation

Turkat, I.D. (Ed.) (1985)  Behavioral Case Formulation.  New York: Plenum Publishing/Springer.

Turkat, I.D. & Maisto, S.A. (1985)   Application of the experimental method to the formulation and modification of personality disorders. In D.H. Barlow (Ed.), Clinical Handbook of Psychological Disorders (pp. 503-570).  New York:  Guilford Press. 

Turkat, I.D. (1990)   The Personality Disorders: A Psychological Approach to Clinical Management. New York: Pergamon/Allyn & Bacon.

Turkat, I.D. (2014)  An historical perspective on the impact of case formulation.  Behavior Therapist, 37, 180-188.