“Psychological factors play a critical role when a vulnerable person is manipulated unwittingly to divert his or her estate away from intended recipients and to the benefit of the manipulator. Proper investigation, documentation, and presentation of these factors are integral to the successful litigation of a case involving undue influence.”

Ira Turkat



Turkat, I.D. (2003)  Psychological aspects of undue influence.  Probate & Property17, 34-38.


These are horrific cases that have the capacity to lead not only to a financial raping of a vulnerable person’s long-held wishes for his or her offspring, but more critically, to a destruction of lifelong relationships.

Similar to that seen all too often in ugly child custody litigation, undue influence typically involves relationship poisoning which deeply hurts those forced to endure significant financial losses stemming from successfully implemented undue influence manipulations.

Ultimately, prevention is the key. Early warnings of possible undue influence should be acted on as soon as possible.